15 September 2022

Cheesy roasted garlic bread rolls

There are few better smells in the kitchen than that of roasted garlic. Add a hint of spice, a drizzle of Healthy Oil, and moreish melted cheese, and you have hit peak comfort food levels. This cheesy roasted garlic bread roll recipe from @karinpauw does just that. Makes: 8 portions You will need:  2 bulbs […]

Black bean brownies

Is there anything that a bite of chocolate won’t make better? Date night? Chocolate mousse. Down day? Chocolate ice cream. Dinner party? Chocolate fondant.  Now, what’s bound to get tongues wagging is a homemade chocolate dessert. So whether you’ve someone special in mind or simply feel like spoiling yourself,  why not try out this decadent, […]

Why to cook with avocado oil
7 September 2022

Why should I cook with avocado oil?

Avocado oil is a versatile, healthy cooking fat. So why isn’t it more of a staple? Here, we take a look at its benefits in relation to other commonly used cooking oils, and show why avo oil is worthy of a prime spot in your pantry. FIRST OFF: WHAT IS AVOCADO OIL? Avocado oil is oil […]

Avocado oil basil pesto

Easy avocado oil basil pesto

Whether you’re after a pasta sauce, salad dressing or sandwich spread, fresh basil pesto is hard to beat. Below you’ll find a classic pesto recipe, with a twist: the addition of Healthy Oil – 100% avocado oil – gives this kitchen essential an added boost of vitamin E. Makes: 400g You will need: ½ cup pine […]

Avocado oil vinaigrette

5-minute avocado oil vinaigrette

Vinaigrette – a salad dressing comprised of oil and vinegar – is one of the simplest things you could make at home. It will also taste way better than anything store-bought. Using Healthy Oil as the oil base means that this vinaigrette is not only light and easy, but also heart-healthy. Make when in a bind or […]

Homemade avocado oil mayonnaise

Homemade avocado oil mayonnaise

Whether you’re hosting a last-minute party or have hungry little ones at home, there’s no harm in having an extra dip lying about for those emergency fries or sandwiches. And better still if it’s homemade. Here, we give you a speedy recipe idea using Healthy Oil – 100% avo oil – that won’t have your mayo taste […]

6 May 2022

The EU avocado waste issue [in numbers]

FOOD WASTE: IT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL Did you know that over a third of food produced globally is wasted? More than 1.3 billion tonnes get thrown away every year. It happens at various stages of the food chain: pre-harvest, in factories, in transit, in retail, and at home. It’s a huge problem, in which resources […]

21 April 2022

Four ways to upgrade your beauty routine with Healthy Oil

Soilmates transform ugly avocados into the purest of cooking oils, chock-full of natural antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and unsaturated fats (the good kind!). Together, these vitamins and nutrients give you a beauty boost from within. But guess what? You can also use Healthy Oil in your beauty routine. Seriously. Take a seat: we’ll tell you how. […]