5 myths about Healthy Oil… busted

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Concerned? Craving a side of facts with your food? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. What Soilmates do – work with waste avocados to create the healthiest cooking oil around – is a pretty new thing, so keep asking. Find answers. We LOVE questions. In the meantime, we’re going to tackle a few of your favourite queries about Healthy Oil, to help you separate the truth from the trash.

Myth #1: Healthy Oil is full of fat… and fat is bad

Whoa whoa whoa, have we travelled back in time? The war on fat – you remember, the one that emerged in the 50s and saw folks replacing their fat with sugar or carbohydrates – is over… fat isn’t bad for you anymore! Ok, ok, that’s not entirely true. The real deal? Not all fats were created equal.

The best fat you can consume, in moderation, is the unsaturated kind – those found in salmon, nuts, seeds and avocados. This is fat your body needs. Replacing the bad fat with the good kind has been shown to lower blood cholesterol, in turn decreasing the potential risk of heart disease. Unsaturated fat is a vital part of a balanced diet. And Healthy Oil is full of it.

Myth #2: Healthy Oil tastes like avocado

Oh, we see the reasoning here. Oil made entirely from avocados has to taste like avocados, right? After all, olive oil tastes like olives, and coconut oil tastes like coconuts.

When it comes to our avocado oil, it’s a different story. Because Healthy Oil is made from rescued ‘ugly’ avos – the bruised and battered avos of the world – they contain some impurities that we need to remove. We do this through a gentle refining process, which rids the oil of these imperfections and gives it a rather delicate flavour. So delicate, in fact, you won’t taste it when you cook with it. We’re all about enhancing existing flavours – not overpowering them. That’s what we love about it.

Myth #3: Healthy Oil’s carbon footprint is massive

We hear you – it must be, because there are no avocados grown in the Netherlands, right? The avocados used in Healthy Oil originally come from high rainfall areas like Kenya, Spain and Ecuador, depending on the season. But we don’t say we source our avocados from these countries because we REALLY source them from Rotterdam. Say whaaaat?

Yep: once they reach the Rotterdam port, they’re sorted into those pretty enough for the supermarket, and the waste avocados – the ‘uglys’, the rejects, the slightly bruised and battered. That’s where Soilmates come in: Healthy Oil is made entirely from the latter; from the avocados that would have otherwise been thrown away. So they’re essentially sourced locally – from local waste, that is.

Myth #4: Healthy Oil is expensive

Expensive? Us? No no! We’re actually LESS expensive than other avocado oils – the ones that use only perfect looking avos. We’re just €7.49 for a 500ml bottle. Check the shelves in Albert Heijn. Check our webshop. Perhaps you’ve seen €22.47 and thought WHOA, no way José? But in actuality, that’s for three big bottles of pure avocado oil. See? Not bad, this bottle of benefits.

Myth #5: Healthy Oil is a beauty product

What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Healthy Oil, just FYI, is a cooking oil first and foremost. And cook it can! We highly recommend turning the heat up and using Healthy Oil to get those sizzles sizzling and those crisps crispy for roasts, BBQs and stir-fries. We’ve also heard some good stuff about its performance when drizzled over salads, or baked into cakes.

That being said, it is packed with moisturizing Vitamin E, so if you choose to brush some Healthy Oil through your hair or massage it into your skin, who are we to judge?

Minds changed? Questions answered? Confused no more? Gooooood. Go on, then. Support local, do a little good, get a little healthier, feel a little better. Become a Soilmate and stay up to date.


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