14 December 2022

Carrot top pesto recipe

No need to discard those leafy green tops when you’re done slicing carrots – use them to whip up a healthy, waste-free pesto instead. The addition of spinach balances out any bitterness, Soilmates Extra Virgin Avocado oil enhances the natural earthy flavour, while walnuts and parmesan will leave you with a thick, creamy paste. Dilute […]

Why to cook with avocado oil
7 September 2022

Why should I cook with avocado oil?

Avocado oil is a versatile, healthy cooking fat. So why isn’t it more of a staple? Here, we take a look at its benefits in relation to other commonly used cooking oils, and show why avo oil is worthy of a prime spot in your pantry. FIRST OFF: WHAT IS AVOCADO OIL? Avocado oil is oil […]

21 April 2022

Four ways to upgrade your beauty routine with Healthy Oil

Soilmates transform ugly avocados into the purest of cooking oils, chock-full of natural antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and unsaturated fats (the good kind!). Together, these vitamins and nutrients give you a beauty boost from within. But guess what? You can also use Healthy Oil in your beauty routine. Seriously. Take a seat: we’ll tell you how. […]

26 January 2022

The Soilmates are in town

Hey Soilmate. Crazy big news: the Soilmates are in town! They have recently been showing some pride in your Albert Heijn. Me, you, Heijn: all Soilmates now. Nice. It started with a dream Last year around this time it was still a dream. Would we succeed? Healthy Oil from Healthy Soil? It was a risk, […]