It’s the inside that counts.

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Soilmates. It’s the inside that counts.

Did you know that more than 20% of all avocados are rejected because they’re considered ‘too ugly’? That’s over one million avocados per day in Europe alone. Per day, folks. Where some see reason to reject, ignore, or simply throw away, we see worth, quality, power. We see beauty.

Soilmates save these rejected avocados, squeeze the health out of them and turn them into something beautiful. The healthiest cooking oil around. 

We’re the living proof it’s the inside that counts.

About the campaign

Why does everything have to be beautiful in our society?
And in advertising even more so?

Let’s tell it how it is. Let’s share our thoughts on what people may find ugly, but sure as hell is not. Let’s tell people to look beyond appearances and look for true qualities. On the inside. Because that’s where you find true beauty.

This is a story that exceeds avocado’s. And we found the perfect guy to share it.

Who is Jono?

Jono Lancaster (1985, UK) is a renowned motivational speaker, writer, and activist, celebrated for his powerful advocacy for self-love and acceptance. Born with Treacher Collins syndrome, he turned his personal challenges into inspiration. He founded the Love me Love my Face Foundation, dedicated to supporting individuals living with visible differences. Through his compelling speeches and writings, Jono continues to champion the importance of embracing one's uniqueness and fostering self-confidence. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and get inspired by his story.

The Love Me Love My Face Foundation

“In a world that is obsessed with image and looks, I wanted to show people my face and how happy I was with it.”

Together with three friends Jono founded the Love Me Love my Face Foundation. “We want to continue to educate about Treacher Collins and other Cranio-facial conditions. We go into schools and talk to children about acceptance and not hiding who they are. It’s not just people who have facial disfigurements, we want to send that message out to all young people, because there’s always pressure to fit to trends.”

He delivers inspirational talks and meets families with children who have facial conditions all over the world as part of the charity’s work and stages meet-up events, giving children with facial conditions the opportunity to meet each other and parents a chance to share their experiences.

The charity also funds medical equipment such as hearing aids for people with Treacher Collins and other similar conditions living in countries where they do not have access.

Soilmates is dedicated to supporting Jono and his foundation by donating a total of €10.000 the coming year. 

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How we turn ‘ugly’ avocados into beautiful avocado-oil

Fighting food waste is at the heart of what Soilmates do. It means cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, on pollution. It’s why we upcycle ‘category two’ avocados.

We source all these ‘uglys’ from right here in Europe: pick them up from the port in Rotterdam. It’s local waste. 

We bundle them up with love. Send them to our factory and squeeze the health out of them. They’re then popped into bottles of Healthy Oil, hugged with our label and sent to you, to be welcomed into your kitchen.