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Soilmates. It’s the inside that counts.

Did you know that more than 20% of all avocados are rejected because they’re considered ‘too ugly’? That’s over one million avocados per day in Europe alone. Per day, folks. Where some see reason to reject, ignore, or simply throw away, we see worth, quality, power. We see beauty.

Soilmates save these rejected avocados, squeeze the health out of them and turn them into something beautiful. The healthiest cooking oil around. 

We’re the living proof it’s the inside that counts.

About the campaign

Why does everything have to be beautiful in our society?
And in advertising even more so?

Let’s tell it how it is. Let’s share our thoughts on what people may find ugly, but sure as hell is not. Let’s tell people to look beyond appearances and look for true qualities. On the inside. Because that’s where you find true beauty.

This is a story that exceeds avocado’s. And we found the perfect guy to share it.

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