The Soilmates are in town

Hey Soilmate. Crazy big news: the Soilmates are in town! They have recently been showing some pride in your Albert Heijn. Me, you, Heijn: all Soilmates now. Nice.

It started with a dream

Last year around this time it was still a dream. Would we succeed? Healthy Oil from Healthy Soil? It was a risk, it was just a sketch on paper, it was The Great Unknown. We’ve worked hard, sweat a lot, but now? Now the dream is suddenly tangible. It’s in the Appie to touch. I almost cried when I saw it, but started laughing anyway. See, and above all, hear our reaction in this video. Now we can make many more people healthier and save huge mountains of ‘ugly’ avocados. Yay.

But first there was you!

Hey you, early adaptor: You were the very first to believe in us. We came out of nowhere and you had the audacity to buy Soilmates. We are grateful to you. And we would like to hear about your experiences. Challenge us! What can we improve? What can be done better? Give and share your feedback using #wearesoilmates. Honestly: we love it.

Keep asking, get answers

We have received quite a lot of comments and questions since the launch. Below are some answers.
What are ugly avos?
Ugly avos – ugly avocados – are those not ‘pretty’ enough for the supermarket. They are called Class II because they are, for example, too ripe or simply have a slightly different shape. 20% of all avos are too ugly. How bizarre? Soilmates rescue them and turn them into oil. Because the beauty is on the inside and that inside is just chock-full of nutrients.
Is avocado oil healthier than coconut oil?
Yes! Much! Coconut oil has a lot of saturated fats. Saturated fats are bad for your heart and blood vessels. Healthy Oil contains 88% unsaturated fats.
Can I BBQ with Healthy Oil?
You can, and very well, too. Spread some oil on your meat or vegetables or make a marinade. Sander did it yesterday.
More fantastic uses for the last drops of Healthy Oil?
So many. Oil a squeaky door, or put some on a cloth and polish your shoes with.
So go on. Bake, grill, fry them hot, hot, hot. Get them crispy, get them sizzling. Lots of greetings of your very first three Soilmates.
Jasmijn, Dave and Sander and of our first teammate, Mishka! … and a little bit of yourself, because Soilmates are all of us.


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