Five reasons why Healthy Oil’s the ultimate bottle of benefits

World Health Day’s perhaps the perfect time to consider our impact on the planet, and take a look at what we’re putting into our bodies. There’s a lot of information out there – blogs, fake facts, greenwashing. He said, she said. Which is why we like to back it up.  SoilScience, we like to call it. Soilmates lead with the heart, but lean on the science. Especially when it comes to our avocado cooking oil – we don’t call it your best friend in the kitchen for nothing, you know.

100% avocado oil 

What goes into every bottle of Healthy Oil? Well, 30 avocados. Nothing else. Pure and simple. No interference. No additives. No preservatives. Just all the super powers from the super fruit – Healthy Oil’s chock-full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Unsaturated fats. Omegas. All the good stuff your body needs. 

The smoke point is sky-high

What is a smoke point, we hear you ask? It’s the stage at which the oil starts to smoke in the pan. It’s important because when this happens, the oil is stripped of all its nutrients and potentially harmful free radicals are released into the air. Smoke points are different for every oil or fat – extra virgin olive oil sits at around 170ºC (while its refined counterpart is between 218ºC-240ºC), and butter at a maximum of 175ºC. Coconut oil’s around 204ºC, while rapeseed and sunflower oil are at 230ºC. Healthy Oil? 270ºC: it’s the only natural oil that can get this high with all nutrients staying intact. So light up those BBQs and turn on those ovens: Healthy Oil’s got you covered.  

It’s circular

Here at Soilmates, circularity lies at the core of what we do. That’s because Healthy Oil would not exist without it: every single avo pressed to make the oil was once an ‘ugly’ avo. Rejected by supermarkets for not being pretty enough. Usually, these would be discarded or burnt as biofuel. This way, they’re given a new life. A circular cooking oil on shelves. From ugly to oil – fighting food waste, one ugly at a time. 

It’s local 

Healthy Oil is homegrown. As Dutch as the tulips that bloom every spring. The idea for Soilmates, and Healthy Oil, started right here in the Netherlands. [Origin story this way.] And we like to say that the avocados we use are local, too. That’s because they’re sourced from the mountains of rejected avos at the Rotterdam port. This is local waste. Rejected locally. Rescued locally. Enjoyed locally. #Lekkerlocal.

But is it better than other cooking oils?

Yes. Yes, it is. Bold claim, we know. But we stand by it. Palm oil’s impact on the environment is severe. Coconut oil’s saturated fats – the ‘bad’ kind – can help contribute to heart disease. Olive oil’s low smoke point means it pulls up short at high-heat cooking. Canola and sunflower oil lag behind Healthy Oil on this scale, too. And, importantly, Healthy Oil’s mild flavour means it won’t make your kitchen smell like a snack bar, or your food taste like anything other than the meal you prepared. See? Best friend in the kitchen. We told you so. 

So there you have it: the oil that’s good for body and soil. Pick up a bottle of Healthy Oil at your nearest Albert Heijn or on our webshop. And happy cooking, Soilmate. 


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